The candle you will not want to burn 


Our female bust candle is inspired by Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, fertility, and victory. This chic figure would present well in any space to add character and empowerment. These beautiful female body candles are hand poured in London



Large Venus Torso

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  • All of our candles are made from natural top quality soy wax, dye and fragrences.

    Why choose soy wax candles?
    - Soy wax is more efficient, it burns 25%-50% longer than paraffin wax;
    - It burns cleaner and completely leaving no waste and after a quick clean you can re-use the jars
    - It does not release toxins when lit
    - It is environmentally friendly by being biodegradable
    - It is vegan friendly by being being derived from vegetables


    As candles are made purely out of soy wax, frosting may occur.

    The Venus candle dimensions are:

    Height: 9.5 cm
    Width: 4.5 cm